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delaPlex Software- Software Development as a Service

About delaPlex

delaPlex Software provides dedicated resources who work as virtual employees to meet development requirements with less overhead and risk. It’s a more reliable way to hire and retain quality software developers.

Since 2008, delaPlex has built a trusted reputation developing mobile, cloud, and commercial application software for sale by vendors (ISV), and “software-centric” companies that depend on continuous software development to drive revenue and growth.

Clients include firms across an array of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, media/publishing, entertainment, manufacturing, and energy. They have all come to recognize that delaPlex offers the technical expertise and product experience they need to better compete in today’s markets.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with ISO 9001:2015 certified and HIPAA compliant facilities in Nagpur and Pune, India, delaPlex provides a globally-blended, service-based approach to innovative software development.

delaPlex is Your Trusted Partner

Our state-of-the-art development facilities in India are ISO 9001-2015 certified and continually audited by a qualified third-party organization to be HIPAA compliant.

delaPlex Software has an inherent responsibility to protect the intellectual capital owned by our clients as well as all physical information assets of the company. These critical assets are highly safeguarded to mitigate any potential negative impact. Information Security at delaPlex Software is a serious business function that is incorporated into all aspects of our business practices and operations.

To achieve this objective, delaPlex has created policies, procedures, and standards ensuring secure business practices are in place. Information security policies are incorporated into planning, development, operations, administration, sales and marketing, as each of these business functions requires specific safeguards to be in place to mitigate the risk associated with normal business activities. Compliance with all applicable regulations is the responsibility of every employee at delaPlex Software.