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As the 21st century dawned, a new method of developing software was introduced. This was called the agile method of development. Agile development breaks a large software project into smaller pieces that can be completed — and often deployed — separately. These small development cycles are called sprints. The goal is to complete one part […]

Companies have been outsourcing their software development for decades, and it is still a stable, viable complement or even an alternative to in-house development. The reduced costs associated with outsourcing must certainly be considered; wages are substantially lower in most of the countries in which outsourcers are located than they are in most Western countries. […]

In terms of revenue, Microsoft is the world’s largest software company. Part of its popularity has been due to the ease with which various software can be integrated to offer solutions that were once cumbersome or impossible to achieve. If you are planning an in-house Microsoft project, however, you are likely to encounter difficulties in […]

The modern economy is a highly competitive, global marketplace. Competing requires all businesses to streamline, optimize and improve efficiencies while simultaneously enhancing customer service. To further their goals, many companies have already implemented some type of business process management, or BPM, to help them meet their goals while simplifying how they achieve them. The benefits […]

Software development can be challenging enough if the project requires only one or two people, but the challenges often increase disproportionately as the number of team members increases. When you have to coordinate a team that is geographically separated, it can seem daunting. However, there are some excellent reasons to combine domestic and offshore resources. […]

Pride Wireless – from Zero to Launch When wireless industry veteran Patrick Adams decided to found PRIDE Wireless, a niche Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) focused on the global LGBTQ and supporters market, he knew that he would need help creating a robust customer experience, high-touch customer service, billing and customer self management system to […]

When discussing the tech world, the media is quick to use phrases such as “disruptive technology” or “the next big thing.” Sometimes, the description is accurate, but sometimes the technology fizzles out as quickly as it arrived. However, when analysts describe wearable technology as the next big thing, they are not exaggerating.Wearables equip us with […]

  The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe a network of objects that have software, sensors or hardware to enable the object to connect to the Internet. “Things” began to be connected during the 1980s and 1990s, but these were primarily demonstrations or experiments. Although companies continued to develop and market […]

“SaaS” is shorthand for software as a service, a term used to describe software that resides on and is delivered through the Internet. In other words, the software is installed on the vendor’s server, not the user’s computer. To access the software, users connect to the vendor’s site through the web. For users, SaaS offers […]

Net neutrality, in simple terms, is the concept that access to all content should be available to all users, and all content is offered at the same speed, with loading times subject only to the limitations of the users’ modems and the website’s design. In other words, the ISP cannot take discriminatory actions to prevent […]

The Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to help protect workers and their dependents who lost their insurance coverage due to a change in employment as well as to safeguard the confidentiality of patient’s health information. The law requires any entity that prints, stores, reviews or otherwise has access to personally identifiable […]

Today, small businesses have opportunities to compete with much larger entities in a global market. Digital technology has done much to level the playing field, offering companies a variety of ways to connect with potential customers. New technology has given companies new ways to build customer relationships, drive sales and improve operational efficiency. The most […]

Continuous delivery software is developed to allow the software to be released to production whenever release is desired. Thus, the software can easily and quickly be deployed at any point during its lifecycle. Before delving further into an explanation of what continuous delivery software is, it might be helpful to explain what it is not […]

The word “phablet” is a hybrid of the words phone and tablet. In 2014, eMarketer, the digital marketing analysts, projected that the number of smartphone users would reach 1.75 billion by the end of the year. Tablets, however, have never enjoyed the same level of success. Smartphones and tablets were typically used for two different purposes, […]

Most often, the decision to outsource software development is based the potential cost savings and whether in-house staff members have the skills — and time — needed for the project. However, a bogged-down project can quickly reduce any financial benefits, whether from cost overruns or delayed deployment of the finished product. In many cases, the […]

  From the very start, Apple has been famous for doing things its own way. The company has frequently defied conventional wisdom to develop innovative products. The recent unveiling of Apple’s new programming language, Swift, is its latest development — and one that has programmers around the world buzzing with excitement. Swift provides three crucial […]

Regardless of which development method is used for a project, the first step is always to gather the requirements. Just as no builder would try to construct a house without knowing the square footage, number of bedrooms and budget, you must first determine the size, scope and purpose of the finished product. The requirements gathering […]