Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Your ultimate success and satisfaction is our number one goal! Listen to our current clients speak about the benefits of using delaPlex Software!

Enterprise Resource Planning – ITAD Asset Management

“… anyone looking to focus on their core business and making their customers happy — leave the technology to delaPlex. They are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that I’m successful.”

“delaPlex has always acted like a partner with us…when you call them up with a question or concern, their answer is always, yes, let us help you solve this issue”

“I don’t want to ever give up this kind of ‘follow-the-sun’ problem solving.”

David Crowder, COO

Apto Solutions
Website CASE STUDY: ITAD Management System

Healthcare – Research Platform and Observational Database

“As a healthcare startup, we could not have done this without delaPlex. They have been our trusted technology partner for four years and that partnership has been an instrumental component of our business strategy and success.”

“What makes delaPlex special is that their staff are fulltime workforce members who are dedicated to our projects on a daily basis, true colleagues to our workforce here in the U.S. In our business of healthcare technology, that’s important not just because of the specialized training about our software and customers, but also understanding and commitment to patient privacy and security that is an essential part of how we must operate.”

“We’re very proud to have delaPlex as a partner who can handle these complex technical and business requirements. As we head into our fifth year together it feels good knowing that delaPlex is an essential part of our strategic growth plan.”

Rodney Mood, COO






FinTech – SaaS for Financial Planning

“delaPlex’s understanding of multiple technology frameworks has allowed us to make product enhancements we never thought imaginable. We now produce faster and with more stable releases. Our clients trust what we deliver.”

“delaPlex is more like family than a business partner. I feel like we have a personal connection, which allows you to be more open and more trusting. You can’t put a price on that. “

“I would recommend delaPlex in a heartbeat. I certainly won’t go anywhere else… we found our gem in delaPlex!”

Justin Witz, CTO

FRA PlanTools
Website WHITE PAPER: Working With Offshore Developers VIDEO: Cloud Expo Interview


Telecommunications – MVNO

“From the beginning, delaPlex Software has demonstrated adaptability, responsiveness, and a partnership mentality. This team is unstoppable in finding innovative solutions, while working their way around problems rather than pointing fingers.”

“Somehow, we went from PowerPoint decks and complex MVNA/E API documentation in July to “go-to-market” in October. delaPlex understood what our milestone dates have been and they’ve done whatever it takes to get it done.”

“When we look at the level of support we are getting from them – their adaptability and responsiveness – delaPlex has all the ideal traits any startup should be looking for in a development and go-to-market partner.”



Patrick Adams, CEO

PRIDE Wireless
Website CASE STUDY: Starting an MVNO Using Outsourced Development





ISV Media – Creative Design

“delaPlex Software is a tremendous ally… and they’ve definitely proven to me they have a deep set of resources.”

“Now I’m able to grow and manage any opportunity without having to maintain my own staff.”

“My company has benefited tremendously from delaPlex. They are a fantastic resource for my company, and I’ve actually become good friends with a lot of the people who work there.”

Don Dudenhoffer, Founder

Click More Media and Young Street Design



Hospitality – Media Asset Management

“delaPlex Software has allowed us to create better software, more quickly for a reasonable cost.”

“I would recommend companies similar to us to consider using delaPlex; delaPlex is reliable, honest, and hardworking.”

“delaPlex Software is a trusted advisor of Ovations. We work with them as if they were internal to our company. The delaPlex people care about our company; they genuinely want us to succeed.”

Mike King, Sr. VP of Technology

Ovations Management Solutions



Broadcast Media – Collaborative Production Systems

“delaPlex Software has allowed Video Technics to stay highly competitive; to stay on the cutting edge with our software to meet the fluid demands of the television broadcast industry.”

“Working with delaPlex team is straightforward and simple. Since they’re so process oriented, we’re getting a more consistent and higher quality product than if we had a team on-site.”

“I would recommend any software company to use delaPlex.”

Brandon Little, Product Manager

Video Technics, Inc.



Broadcast Media – Infrastructure Hardware

“delaPlex Software gave Utah Scientific a great way to expand our reach. They understood our industry; they understood our complexities.”

“They were able to translate our requirements to working iOS and Andriod applications, which makes sure Utah stays on the cutting edge of routers and switch manufacturers.”

“delaPlex Software is a great development resource and a trusted, reliable partner. Utah Scientific truly benefits from our ongoing relationship.”

Scott Bosen, Director of Marketing

Utah Scientific, Inc.



FinTech – Human Resources Management

“delaPlex Software is an outstanding company that provides us with reliable service and security, which is essential for the future growth of our business.”

“We’re impressed with everyone from our dedicated team of engineers to the outstanding management.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending delaPlex to any business.”

“Whether they need just one or two people or for few months or if they have an ongoing requirement like we do, I would highly recommend delaPlex.”

Hugh Massie, President & Founder

DNA Behavior