Compare .NET and Java

Microsoft .NET vs. Java

Key Features Compared

Both .NET and Java provide enhanced ability to develop and integrate web services, thus making the applications more extensible and interoperable. In addition, Java/JEE and .NET each have a set of components, services, and features that provide a standard way of performing tasks such as accessing databases, scripting Web pages, handling messages, and connecting to remote resources.

A comparison of the key .NET and Java/JEE features and services are outlined below:

MS-vs-Java-ChartThe platform to pick depends on your situation and the needs of your application. You wouldn’t go wrong picking either of those. However, the pick should not be based on which has better architecture but should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies and which system has better solution for the task at hand. This is exactly how we recommend between the two with our clients here at delaPlex.


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