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magentoMagento is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology. It was released in 2007 and grew rapidly. In 2013 Magento became the most popular e-Commerce platform on the web and is trusted by many heavy hitting retailers. Magento is owned and backed by Ebay. It is used by many big brands like Nike, Nestle, and Olympus.

Magento is written in PHP and uses the Zend Framework to create a complete suite of eCommerce tools that retailers use to get online selling fast, including content management, marketing and merchandising functions.

Why Magento?

  • Market Share – They have the largest market share of eCommerce frameworks
  • Flexible – Customization is quick and easy through the admin interface
  • Scalable – Meets your business needs and budget with multiple editions
  • Open Source – PHP technology enables custom-tailored solutions
  • Reports – Google Analytics is integrated to give full insight into the performance
  • Powerful Features – Complex discounting, vouchers, pricing rules limited to products, customer groups, time periods and categories. More than 50 payment gateways are supported

Magento Community – For Start-Ups and SMBs
A full-featured eCommerce store can be implemented using Magento Community. It performs relatively fast with optimizations. It does not meet PCI requirements out of the box, though it can be made PCI compliant using other 3rd-party systems. The community version is free to download and use; however a custom development and web server to host the online store are required.

Magento Enterprise – For Large Businesses
This version makes use of all available extensions, and adds unique features including private sales, gift registry and a loyalty system. It performs extremely fast due to the Full Page Caching system. It ensures secure transactions are made that comply with industry security standards; it uses the PA-DSS payment bridge and fulfils PCI requirements. A license fee payable to Magento is required to use the Enterprise edition

delaPlex uses Magento to design, develop and optimize eCommerce stores for retailer clients who want to optimize their online shoppers user experience. The Magento Certified developers at delaPlex can create a store that meets your specific needs as a business, to fully utilize all services Magento has to offer.

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