Why Outsource?

The Benefit Of Offshore Development

Affordable development overseas helps keep other jobs in the U.S.

Steve Jobs hit the nail on the head when he said that in this global economy, manufacturing will never be the same in the United States.

Work and the global village.

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In today’s global economy, if small and mid-sized companies want to remain competitive, they must play by the same rules as larger companies – and that means having their own software development teams.

Outsourcing costly and hard to find services such as software development, enables a U.S. company to continue paying American workers for jobs that are vital to a company’s operations, such as administration, sales, and marketing.

delaPlex lives by Steve Job’s philosophy

We chose India because it’s the largest democracy in the world with a strong commitment to information technology and a positive relationship with the United States.

Why Nagpur?

We didn’t choose just any place in India. We chose Nagpur.

Why? Because our CEO is from Nagpur, so we have a solid connection to the city and its people. It may be a city of nearly 2.5 million, but to us, Nagpur is a community full of talent and family. Also, Nagpur is a university town that provides a steady stream of young talent with exceptional English-speaking skills.



delaPlex is Your Trusted Partner

Our state-of-the-art development facilities in India are ISO 9001-2015 certified and continually audited by a qualified third-party organization to be HIPAA compliant.

delaPlex Software has an inherent responsibility to protect the intellectual capital owned by our clients as well as all physical information assets of the company. These critical assets are highly safeguarded to mitigate any potential negative impact. Information Security at delaPlex Software is a serious business function that is incorporated into all aspects of our business practices and operations.

To achieve this objective, delaPlex has created policies, procedures, and standards ensuring secure business practices are in place. Information security policies are incorporated into planning, development, operations, administration, sales and marketing, as each of these business functions requires specific safeguards to be in place to mitigate the risk associated with normal business activities. Compliance with all applicable regulations is the responsibility of every employee at delaPlex Software.

Explain to Me: Why Do I Need delaPlex?

The Big Benefits: Flexibility and Continuity.