Cloud Optimization

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Cloud optimization, also known as “cloud governance,” is the process of correctly selecting and assigning the ideal resources for a workload or application based on required performance, compliance, and cost constraints.

When done correctly, efficiencies are achieved by continually balancing requirements against the best-fit infrastructure in real time.

A Dedicated CloudOps Team from delaPlex

We offer cross functional teams that can identify common practices and requirements, and act as consultants to different groups.

Cloud costs and complexity expand exponentially as infrastructure grows. Between the pace of change in environments, new services being adopted by engineering, and the rapid growth in many cloud environments, you need a governance strategy.

delaPlex can design and manage your cloud governance.

5 Main Disciplines of Cloud Governance

These disciplines guide decisions about the proper level of automation and enforcement of corporate policy across cloud platforms.

  • Cost Management
    Cost is a primary concern for cloud users. Develop policies for cost control for all cloud platforms.
  • Security Baseline
    Security is a complex topic, unique to each company. Once security requirements are established, cloud governance policies and enforcement apply those requirements across network, data, and asset configurations.
  • Identity Baseline
    Inconsistencies in the application of identity requirements can increase the risk of breach. The Identity Baseline discipline focuses ensuring that identity is consistently applied across cloud adoption efforts.
  • Resource Consistency
    Cloud operations depend on consistent resource configuration. Through governance tooling, resources can be configured consistently to manage risks related to onboarding, drift, discoverability, and recovery.
  • Deployment Acceleration
    Centralization, standardization, and consistency in approaches to deployment and configuration improve governance practices. When provided through cloud-based governance tooling, they can accelerate deployment activities.