Apto Solutions

Client Success Story



SUBJECT: delaPlex helped this company develop advanced technology to grow their ITAD business over $9M to $35M in less than 18 months.
CLIENT: Apto Soltutions

David Crowder, COO | Apto Solutions

What We Did

delaPlex designed a dynamic application called AIMS (Asset Inventory Management System) which converts the manual processes and provides a streamlined life-cycle automation of inventory management, customer data, and sales processes. The application’s asset auto-import feature automatically populates the database, integrates with QuickBooks, and provides users with email notifications to keep them up-to-date on that status of inventory.

About the Client

Since 2001, Apto Solutions has been instrumental in the evolvement of the ITAD industry from a loosely controlled collection of equipment brokers to a tightly controlled industry based on service, best practices, and oversight. We understand that all clients are different, and therefore need different solutions.