Broadcast Advertising Campaign Management Platform

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Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex developed a web-based interface derived from an existing legacy desktop application for media advertising traffic for planning and management of dynamic ad insertion for television broadcast networks.
CLIENT: Broadcast Solutions Provider

Client Need

Our client tasked us with developing a unique, customized, and web-based, client-server solution from their legacy desktop application for planning and managing dynamic ad insertion for television broadcast networks. The solution required refactoring most of the existing functionality of the desktop application and creating new functionality to enhance the user experience.

Product Challenges

One of the challenges we faced was extracting the legacy desktop application functionality tightly coupled with the old user interface for business logic and the Oracle database interface. A significant task was identifying and moving time-consuming functionalities as new and independent background services, all running on an enterprise server.

The delaPlex Solution

We built the new web-based solution, which provides automated job processing based on changing priorities with monitoring and control via secure access for application tasks. UI rendering now happens in the client’s browser, and the database interface is via discrete domain-specific RESTful services, which handles complex validation, data storage/retrieval and implements all business processes. Functionality that required an immediate user response was added directly into the UI using client-side JavaScript and C#.

You are a valued partner…

“I would like to thank you for all of the incredibly hard work. Nights, weekends, and holidays… the team has persevered, and never lost sight of the goal. You are a valued partner, and we will continue to have many more successes as we progress.”

Sr. Director, Engineering, Broadcast Industry Solutions Provider
Broadcast, Software Technology, Web Services

How We Did It

The dedicated development team at delaPlex utilized the following hybrid enterprise concepts and tools to deliver the customized web-based solution for traffic ad management to our client:

Web Services Architecture
flexible framework yielding systems that are more amenable to change

TCP/IP based communication protocol to render the UX

RESTful Services
client/server interface for complex business processes

Job Service
background service to execute queued server jobs based on assigned priorities

some legacy code was updated, optimized, and reused

Core Stack

Application Server
JBoss WildFly 8 | Java 8 | JEE 7

Browser Client
AngularJS 1.2.14 | HTML | Chrome Browser

Java RESTful Web Services | Web API using C# | .NET 4.6 with Entity Framework 6

Background Data Processing
C++/C#.NET | Java

Oracle Database 12c

Best Practice Tools
Jenkins | JIRA/WIKI | Team Foundation Server | Cucumber | Maven

About the Client

The client is at the forefront of the convergence of media and technology by digitally transforming the creation, distribution and consumption of content. $1 out of every $4 ad dollars globally runs through an their solution.

With nearly half the world’s video channels traversing their products and their software solutions driving nearly $50B in global revenue for their customers, and they deliver the most advanced IP, cloud-enabled, software defined network and workflow solutions for the media and entertainment industry.