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Broadcast Advertising SaaS Product Suite

Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex developed a dynamic and robust web application with modular microservices and APIs so UI modules work independently yet operate seamlessly to significantly improve performance and the user experience.
CLIENT: Broadcast Systems Developer

Client Need

To create a modern component-based web application that can accommodate multiple purposes by connecting different front-end UIs to different back-end microservices. UI and microservices modules should be independent, use separate libraries, avoid using join database queries, and are dynamically merged to create a fully functional application.

Product Challenges

Create microservices and APIs so UI modules work independently yet operate seamlessly to significantly improve performance and user experience. Two main repositories are needed to house a collection of libraries: Common Components, for independent functional libraries, and Chassis, used to create and manage the state of the application.

The delaPlex Solution

delaPlex helped develop a dynamic web application that delivers significant performance and modularity all running in the cloud. UI rendering is in the web browser (HTML5 + JS lifecycle framework) handling validation of user input locally. Discrete domain-specific RESTful services handle complex validation, data storage/retrieval and business processes. Background tasks are managed via UI. Time consuming app background processes moved to a job service. Functionality requiring an immediate user response are added as C# services and are tightly coupled to the UI.

They are knowledgeable, professional, and engaged…

I have worked with a number of contract development teams and delaPlex resources are some of the best I have worked with.  They are knowledgeable, professional, engaged…all the things you need to be successful managing software projects across the globe. (On a personal note, they are just so darn nice and fun!)

Director/PLM, Business Systems
Broadcast Systems Developer
API, Asset Management, Big Data, Broadcast, Cloud, Web Services
How We Did It

delaPlex developed a distributed systems platform to offer functional modularity and to application increase usability and performance.


Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure | Azure Service Fabric

Web Technologies
Web API using C# .NET (with Microservices architecture)
AngularJS 7 | HTML | CSS | JAVA 8
PrimeNG | Storybook | Backend | Swagger

Data Tools 
Entity Framework

Oracle 12C | MS SQL Server

Architectural Overview

The application is primarily divided into two core repositories: Common Component and Chassis. The team developed both repositories along with various new features.

Common Component Library

Data Grid

Pagination | Filter |Inline editing
Feature Wrapper Component
Exporting | Single and Multiple Select

Multilanguage Module

Dynamic form

Radio button | Text area | Input
Checkbox | File upload

Chassis Component

Bootloader Process
Routing & Route Configuration Service
API Services
Multilanguage Configurations
Authentication and Authorization
Dynamic Component
NGRX State Store Management

About the Client

The client is at the forefront of the convergence of media and technology by digitally transforming the creation, distribution and consumption of content. $1 out of every $4 ad dollars globally runs through their solution.

With nearly half the world’s video channels traversing their products and their software solutions driving nearly $50B in global revenue for their customers, they deliver the most advanced IP, cloud-enabled, software defined network and workflow solutions for the media and entertainment industry.