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BROCHURE: delaPlex provides a full spectrum of custom software services with a focus on web and mobile app development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle, from business analysis, design and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance and post-project maintenance and support.
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About delaPlex

delaPlex is a global technology and software development solutions and consulting provider, deeply committed to helping companies drive growth, revenue and marketplace value. Since 2008, our objective has been to be a trusted advisor to our clients. By redefining the outsourcing industry’s business model, the innovative delaPlex Agile Business Framework brings an unmatched alliance of industry experts, across industries and functional skillsets, to clients anywhere around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and global locations, including Nagpur and Pune, India, delaPlex collaborates closely with teams at all organizational levels to shape winning strategies, rally for change, and drive success results.