eLearning Development Platform

A Customizable Online Resource and Professional Training Tool

Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex created the eLearning development system, a training tool where companies can custom-build training programs, using PHP technology. Also, created the Marketing tools using the Magento framework.
CLIENT: John Eades, CEO – LearnLoft

Client Need

To create an online resource and professional training tool where companies can build specific programs for nurturing, educating, and advancing professional leadership talent. The client also required an online tool for recruiting and marketing purposes.

Product Challenge

Management of the database, automation for report generation and emailing services (background tasks), and load balancing using an AWS Server. Integration of single sign-on (SSO), user notifications, and social media user logins within the appropriate Cloud Hosting environment. Marketing tool required the ability to advertise and collect payments.

Development Solution

delaPlex created the eLearning development system using PHP technology and created the Marketing tools using the Magento framework. Organizations can securely create users, build courses and programs, track user learning and development progress, and generate automated performance reports. Portal features include SSO implementation, Leader Board Points Ranking tool, and automated process implementation to generate and email reports.

delaPlex quickly fixed our legacy Java issues…

“delaPlex quickly fixed our legacy Java issues, load balanced our AWS servers, and, basically, rescued our entire software product and made it perform better than ever!”

John Eades, President & CEO
Education, eLearning, Mobile, Tablet

Client Requirements

Two related but independent web applications:
Secure yet flexible learning tool
Marketing and online purchasing tool
SSO integration
Organization registration and create customized Learning Platform
The ability for third-parties to access reports using SFTP

How We Did It

Used PHP to develop eLearning tool
Used Magento to create eLearning Marketing tool
Implemented SSO giving users access from different websites
Implemented SFTP connection for third-party access to reports

Payment Automation

Used the Authorize.net extension for Recurring Payment integration. This supports 'simple' and 'virtual' product types and improves sales by providing multiple payment periods instead of just a one-time payment. The Apptha One Step Checkout extension was also implemented which allows customers to purchase without reentering shipping and credit card data facilitating a better user experience and increases sales.

Cron Jobs Manager

Cron is a time-based job scheduler utility for Unix-like computer operating systems. The system daemon is used to execute desired tasks in the background at specific times. delaPlex implemented this scripting utility to generate reports and sending emails, which would run at scheduled times.

Third-Party Integration

delaPlex implemented single sign-on (SSO) functionality. With this feature, a user logs in with a single ID and password to gain access to multiple independent systems.

Core Stack

AWS Platform | IAM – Identity Access Management
EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud | Simple Storage Service Load Balancer
MySQL Server | PHP, Magento, HTML 5
CSS, jQuery, Web APIs, AJAX