Healthcare Analytics Platform

Complex Data Integration and Reporting Application for the Healthcare Industry

Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex created a HIPAA compliant application for Epividian for collecting, scrubbing and analyzing clinical data from over 400 hospitals and clinic sites in more than 50 U.S. cities.
CLIENT: Rodney Mood, COO – Epividian

Client Need

Epividian needed to create a HIPAA compliant, streamlined application for collecting, scrubbing and analyzing clinical data from over 400 hospitals and clinic sites in more than 50 U.S. cities. A secure, requirements-driven reporting portal was needed to provide meaningful and actionable insights.

Product Challenge

The biggest challenge in creating this application was converting multiple manual processes using various EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems into one cohesive, user-friendly analysis and reporting tool while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

The delaPlex Solution

We created a dynamic, world-class enterprise solution with two distinct portals, OPERA® and CHORUS™. The solution automatically collects data from various sites, encrypts it then transfers it to a secure, HIPAA compliant data center for analysis. We applied an ETL process to standardize the extracted data format while not compromising its integrity. The application’s design required us to accommodate many different ETL packages during the load process and use two-factor authentication (TFA) security process.

How We Did It

The HIPAA compliant delaPlex development team for Epividian conducted an industry requirements analysis to design a client-specific solution. We employed an agile and process-driven methodology with the proper technology stack to deliver a multi-prong data delivery and reporting application for the healthcare company.

Core Stack

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2017 Premium Edition

Server-Side Technology
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-4 with RAZOR, C#

Data Access
Entity Framework 6.0, LINQ

Web Technologies
ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, jqGrid

Other Technology & Tools
SharePoint 2013
for secure file sharing

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
for data automation, cleaning & custom analysis

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
for report generation

for automated site creation & deployment

MVC (Model View Control)
for browser-based design

for cross-platform mobile application

About the Client

Epividian, healthcare data, and technology experts, advances the mission of medicine by developing technologies & empowering clinical practice, clinical research, academic, public health & regulatory efforts. Areas of tailored solutions include: Clinical practice & clinical research, Population & disease management, MIPS & Ryan White Reporting.

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