Location-based Mobile Engagement Marketing

Bluetooth Beacon Enabled Geofencing Technology

Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex developed a proximity marketing solution with custom Bluetooth Beacon geofencing for Android/iOS mobile apps with fully integrated back-end system for data collection and to create configurable notifications.
CLIENT: High Tech Startup

Client Need

A highly customized Android/iOS mobile solution with full Bluetooth Beacon integration to provide proximity-aware notifications to users via their mobile devices within a “zone” or “geofenced” area of the retail store. Once the signal is detected, it should be redirected to a mobile application, which is configurable from the back-end.

Product Challenges

The ability to quickly detect a user within a short range and then communicate with the application was a challenge. Each device required a setting to automatically determine the maximum coverage area for its location. When zones overlap, the beacon must instantly communicate to decide which is nearest to display relevant offers.

The delaPlex Solution

delaPlex developed a proximity marketing solution for a custom geofencing Android/iOS mobile platform with fully integrated Bluetooth Beacon technology. Once the signal is detected, it is redirected through the mobile app to the associated marketing campaign used to drive targeted promotions, loyalty programs, exhibit information, push contact info & directions, and request feedback. Proximity marketing allows reaching out to customers based on their closeness to physical objects, such as retail displays, store entrances, houses for sale in real estate or a newly launched car at a dealership.

They gave us extra bandwidth …

“The experts at delaPlex gave us the extra bandwidth to quickly deliver a better proximity marketing mobile solution that is highly adaptable. As a startup we couldn’t have done this without them.”

Tech Startup
API, Big Data, eCommerce, IoT, Retail, Tracking, Web Services

How We Did It

The dedicated team at delaPlex utilized the following development concepts and tools to create a highly-customizable, proximity-based mobile marketing solution.

Web Services

Created web services to retrieve and process data and to display notifications.

Bluetooth Integration

Developed a mobile application for Android/iOS to communicate with beacons using Bluetooth technology.

Mobile Application

Developed a mobile application for Android and iOS to communicate with Bluetooth Beacons.

Configurable Notifications

Designed a back-end system to create configurable notifications. Implemented SMS functionality using Twilio SMS API.


Core Stack

Android/Java | iOS/Objective C | Bluetooth Beacons | Push Notifications |
ASP.NET MVC Framework | Twilio SMS API | Microsoft SQL Server

About the Client

As an emerging leader in hyper-personalized mobile engagement solutions, this innovative startup company creates customized technology solutions for marketing campaigns and events, internal employee communications, and high-security government projects. Their expert team of futurists provides these solutions in many domains, including mobile advertisement, digital media processing, social, data analytics, trending, and behavioral science.