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SUBJECT: Mike King, Senior VP of Technology for Ovations Management Solutions, LLC, talks about how delaPlex was a highly reliable, cost-effective development resource for his company, and why off shore development is a good choice.
CLIENT: Mike King, Sr., VP of Technology – Ovations Management Solutions
INDUSTRY: Hospitality, Cloud, SaaS

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Mike King, Sr. VP of Technology | Ovations Management Solutions

The delaPlex people care about our company…

“delaPlex Software has allowed us to create better software, more quickly for a reasonable cost. We work with them as if they were internal to our company. The delaPlex people care about our company; they genuinely want us to succeed.”

Mike King, CTO
Ovations Management Solutions
Asset Management, Cloud, Software Technology

What We Did

delaPlex provided the core engineering team that initially developed Ovations and provided continuous development and QA services for over nine years.

About the Product

This cloud-based SaaS is a highly configurable solution that is designed for managing corporate sponsorship tickets and entertainment assets. Users have the ability to track and report on their entertainment spend to improve ROI while satisfying audit and compliance requirements. The product was purchased in 2015 by a major leader in the Hospitality Industry.