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Salesforce API Cloud Integration

Case Study


PROJECT: delaPlex developed a Salesforce API integration to seamlessly facilitate communications between the Salesforce Admin System and the client’s GroupAdmin account.
CLIENT: DNA Behavior

Client Need

DNA Behavior needed an integration tool to automatically sync user data input in their Admin System with their Salesforce GroupAdmin account. The following application features and capabilities were required: Single Sign On (SSO), auto save,search capability, and calendar integration

Product Challenges

The main challenge in creating this app was mapping intricate integration points between the Admin System and the GroupAdmin Salesforce account. Another challenge was automating the process of assigning key behavioral insights and report links in the Contact and Lead page layouts once the records in both systems matched.

The delaPlex Solution

The delaPlex development team created an Salesforce application as an integration tool, which facilitated communications between the Admin System and GroupAdmin Salesforce account. Processes were designed to automatically match records between Salesforce and the client’s Admin Systems. When a customer record is matched, key behavioral insights and five report links are automatically generated for the Contact and Lead pages. SSO, auto save, search, and calendar features were also built into the Salesforce tool.

delaPlex is an outstanding company…

“delaPlex is an outstanding company that provides us with reliable service and security, which is essential for the future growth of our business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending delaPlex to any business.”

Hugh Massie, CEO
Big Data, Fintech, Software Technology

How We Did It

The dedicated team at delaPlex utilized the following development concepts and tools to deliver the customized Salesforce application for DNA Behavior.

Admin System Record Search
Exposing SOAP service hosted on IIS.

Automatic Update Process
“Auto Update EXE” to connect and sync records between Salesforce and Admin System.

Single Sign On : Report Viewing
Federated Single Sign On for user to view reports without logging into the Admin System.

Calendar Integration
Salesforce Calendar Integration to set dates, times, and reminders for tasks. Salesforce Financial DNA Calendar Integration to view invitee behavioral highlights by meeting organizer.

About the client

An international people insights firm, DNA Behavior® Behavioral Intelligence is the global leader of the behavioral management revolution for enhancing relationships, unlocking human potential, and managing business risks. Solutions are based on rich behavioral sciences research and delivered technology platforms under three primary brands: Communication DNA, Financial DNA, and Business DNA .