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SUBJECT: Brandon Little, Project Manager of Video Technics, Inc., talks about how delaPlex has been so successful as a reliable, cost-effective development resource, and why off shore development is a good choice.
CLIENT: Brandon Little, Product Manager – Video Technics, Inc.

delaPlex Client Testimonial Video

Brandon Little, Product Manager | Video Technics, Inc.

delaPlex has allowed us to stay highly competitive…

“delaPlex  has allowed my company to stay highly competitive; to stay on the cutting edge with our software to meet the fluid demands of the TV broadcast industry.”

Brandon Little, Project Manager
Video Technics
Asset Management, Broadcast, New Media, Software Technology

What We Did

delaPlex was the core development team for Video Technics for over five years, and providing complete end-to-end technical services that included product design, development, QA/Testing, and 24/7/365 front-line support.


About the Client

Video Technics, founded in 1987, was a product development company focused on a spectrum of broadcast television and new media markets. Founded in 1987, they were an OEM development partner with Matrox for almost 18 years.

Video Technics introduced their first clipstore / stillstore server, the Aprisa™ product line in 1997 (sold exclusively world-wide through Chyron Corporation), introduced their next-generation, HD-capable Apella™ Video Server debuted in 2000, and they launched their first collaborative production, MOS-based system called NewsFlow™ at KLRT in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2004.

Video Technics developed innovative technology to empower file-based, digital workflows for collaborative media production and automated playout solutions. Customer-driven development resulted in a wide array of products with rich and robust features. Video Technics was proven to be very strong in product design, software development, marketing, and customer support, and was a pioneer in file-based solutions which allowed media broadcasters to switch to ubiquitous IT technology. There were approximately 100 sites installed, over 700 channels of video server sold, and over 1200 seats of software installed around the world. The Apella™ Video Server was a mature and robust product that had been field-proven in many different mission-critical applications. The company was acquired by a leading broadcast systems developer in 2013.