Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

Integrate. Automate. Empower.

delaPlex offers consulting, integration, customization, upgrades, hosting, migration, and development of supply chain software aimed at transforming your supply chain solution to meet your needs.

By combining our consulting expertise, our strategic alliances with SCM software suppliers, and our custom software development and implementation services, delaPlex is your proven partner to make business solutions more responsive, accurate and tailored.


Supply Chain Services by delaPlex

Our digital technology architects and developers provide expertise in solving internal disruptions and supporting critical processes and systems of your supply chain. The delaPlex Specialists deliver a deep bench of skillsets to provide you the following benefits:

– Analyze supply chain processes, and identify gaps
– Enhance the power of cloud-based, data-driven decision making
– Implement automated systems to reduce workload requirements
– Deploy mobility as a strategic initiative and overcome the inherent challenges
– Employ higher-order digital technologies like AI and IoT
– JDA Software expertise



Shape. Manage. Overcome.

As trusted advisors, delaPlex retains experts globally that will help assist with overcoming challenges to transform your business. Our consultants bring valuable knowledge and perspective, which integrate with your team to deliver exceptional results.

Throughout the project lifecycle, delaPlex provides a full range of knowledge and skillsets necessary to rapidly move your project through each stage with quality results and confidence.

Consulting Services include:

Business Analysis | Workforce Management | Systems Assessment
Digital Strategy | Shipping | Order Processing | Lean Inventory
Warehouse Management |Freight Handling |Supplier Management
Demand Forecasting |Analytics and Reports | Collaboration Portals
Transportation and Logistics



Transform. Evolve. Revolutionize.

The integration specialists at delaPlex apply innovative agile principles that optimize integration throughout your entire business process. We collaborate with your team and create a customized, comprehensive solution using the latest industry technologies, tools, and methodologies, which identify and tackle unforeseen challenges to achieve maximum impact – on time and on budget.

delaPlex understands the demands of today’s customers and how every single step in the supply chain and production process is exceedingly important. Integrate your existing or new software with confidence and transform your business to delight your customers. delaPlex believes your customer is our customer – bottom-line!

Integration Services include:

API and Microservices | System Integration
Mobile Platforms | Cloud Migration | Web Development


Implementation and Hosting

Innovative. Experienced. Accomplished.

Install your software with the trusted team of specialists at delaPlex. Each advisor, developer, engineer, tester and consultant will proudly deliver exceptional results and go beyond the everyday basics to ensure every customer angle is identified throughout every step of the implementation cycle.

Following an Agile Business Framework, delaPlex collaborates with you with an approach that you can trust.

Implementation and Hosting Services include:

Risk Mitigation | Data Migration Assistance | Full System Integration
Pre Roll-Out Testing | Staff Training| Public and Private Cloud Hosting



Agile. Outsourced. Custom.

The full range of delaPlex software development services are available to develop tailored Supply Chain Management Solutions to meet any functional gaps.

delaPlex offers developer expertise in Microsoft, JAVA, Cloud, Mobile, and FOSS technologies that include .NET, C#, SQL, J2EE/JSP, Android SDK, iOS, PHP, LAMP, API, and Web Services.


JDA Software

Autonomous. Cloud. Mobile.

delaPlex is a JDA Alliance partner, which enables us to select, install, integrate, and customize a wide range of Supply Chain Management Solutions available from JDA, and their partner network worldwide.

Solutions include: