Supply Chain
Centers of Excellence

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Optimize your warehouse, store operations, and labor management with a partner committed to your success. Our teams implement, install, integrate, and customize a wide range of supply chain solutions.

End-to-End Supply Chain Support & Management

We’ve leveraged our team’s supply chain expertise to develop distinct supply chain Centers of Excellence. Each CoE is designed to support an essential element of your supply chain operations and accompanying technology solutions. 

Manage workforce scheduling and payroll accuracy.

Streamline store inventory operations to meet consumer demand.

Bring new efficiency to warehouse operations. 

The Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Challenge

Across the globe, there is constant news relating to breaks in the “Global Supply Chain,” from raw material shortages, container ships in the wrong place, ports and transportation challenges, and labor retention and recruitment problems.

Supply chains are under pressure from many angles, and operators must evolve quickly to keep up with their consumers.

And the skills needed to optimize supply chain systems and processes are becoming more and more difficult to source.

delaPlex’s Supply Chain Centers of Excellence

 delaPlex has developed three core Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for Supply Chain support, focused on warehouse, labor, and store operations.

We recognize that modern supply chain operations require a broad range of skills from architects to business analysts, from developers to testers — flexible teams with specialty skills.

Our CoEs connect you with the resources, tools, and teams you need to adapt and evolve various elements of your organizational supply chain. 

Accelerate Innovation and Evolution

To execute strategic innovations internally, enterprises must invest heavily in ramp-up and training time for each new project team.

delaPlex can provide augmented resources of niche skills or whole project teams to embed into an organization’s transformation program quickly and effectively, saving you time and resources at every project phase.

Our mission is to provide you with the right skills, at the right time, with rapid onboarding and roll-off when success is delivered.

Leverage Our Unique Service Delivery Model

 Our CoEs enable your enterprise to leverage individuals with niche skills, along with the holistic support of a team focused on various supply chain disciples.

We provide experts in user experience development, security, integration, testing, and analytics with the domain expertise of warehouse management, labor planning and scheduling, and store operations.

Our CoE model focuses on delivering the success of your critical business transformations.

The Benefits of Supply Chain Management with delaPlex


Consulting Expertise

Establish a well-rounded consulting team by drawing from our bench of domain experts, including skill-based seniors, juniors, testers, and specialists. Our practice structure brings the full breadth of skills needed to support your supply chain operations, when and where you need them.

Custom Development

Leverage delaPlex’s bench of development talent — including scrum masters, business analysts, data analysts, developers, and testers — for individual tasks or long-term projects. We’ll work alongside your development teams, methodologies, and disciplines to provide on-demand development services.

 Integrations + APIs

Add new solutions into your existing supply chain landscapes through API-based architectures and custom integrations. Our integration teams support your overall project framework and leverage their supply chain experience to manage complex data models and meet real-time expectations.

Make Our Team a Part of Yours

Rather than hiring individual employees to support each unique business need, draw from delaPlex’s diverse team of industry talent. Our team-based approach provides maximum flexibility, ensuring you have access to the right skills at the right time. 

Consulting Team resources are typically comprised of:

Unlike traditional staff augmentation models, this approach allows you to scale and pivot your priorities while maintaining institutional knowledge and a core team of experts who understand your business inside and out.

delaPlex’s experienced team of technical talent can work alongside your teams at any phase of your WMS deployment, whether managing projects, conducting development work, or consulting on strategic initiatives. 

Find out how delaPlex’s expert teams can enable your Supply Chain projects and long-term business goals.