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"We are thrilled to welcome Celestia Crew Consultancy into the delaPlex family," said Nitin Sachdeva, Managing Director & President of delaPlex. "This joint effort represents a significant milestone in our growth journey and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients worldwide."

“We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Cycle Labs to provide partner-focused Cycle Services capabilities and staffing,” said Manish Sachdeva, CEO at delaPlex. “With our trained global Cycle Services team, we aim to empower businesses to enhance product quality and accelerate time-to-market.”

delaPlex's IPO aims to unlock shareholder value, foster growth, and fortify global customer relationships with unparalleled service.
"We are honored to witness the overwhelming response to delaPlex Limited's IPO, and its remarkable performance on the listing day," remarked Manish Sachdeva, CEO of delaPlex.

"India is a key global hub for supply chain operations," said Manish Sachdeva, delaPlex CEO. "By teaming up with Open Sky Group, we are now able to offer our customers Tier 1 WMS capabilities delivered to the highest standards of excellence provided by Open Sky Group and Blue Yonder solutions."