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CS-FEATURE_Starbucks - Optimized WFM with Data Integration and Reconciliation System

Optimized WFM with Data Integration and Reconciliation System


delaPlex collaborated with a supply chain software solutions provider to develop an intuitive Data Integration and Reconciliation System. This initiative aimed to transform employee scheduling processes and optimize workforce management.

The project involved exploring and implementing strategies to seamlessly integrate data from two primary sources into a centralized data hub. The extracted information underwent processing in Azure Data Lake Factory to identify discrepancies, reconcile differences, and generate comprehensive reports. This provided the end user with valuable insights into workforce performance and scheduling efficiency, ultimately ensuring operational excellence and improved customer satisfaction.

Client Needs:

The client sought a robust system to automate the integration and reconciliation of employee scheduling data. The objective was to gain insights into workforce performance, scheduling efficiency, and areas for improvement, thereby optimizing workforce management.

Project Challenges:

The project faced challenges related to performance, scalability, and security. Key objectives included:

The delaPlex Solution

delaPlex addressed these challenges by developing an integrated Data Integration and Reconciliation System using Azure Data Factory. Leveraging Azure Key Vault for secure storage and SQL Server for data management, the solution met the client’s specific requirements and exceeded performance expectations while ensuring security and scalability. 

"delaPlex showed true partnership by collaborating with us
to deliver a data solution that met our client's needs."
Project Manager
Supply Chain Software Solutions Provider

How We Did It

delaPlex adopted a process-driven approach and agile methodology to design and execute key components which included: 


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“delaPlex had the capabilities to deliver a data solution that met our needs”

Project Manager

Supply Chain Software Solutions Provider


Learn how delaPlex developed a data integration and reconciliation system that transformed employee scheduling and optimized workforce management.


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