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Drive business growth, revenue and marketplace value with the delaPlex technology and software development experts. We’re committed to you for the long haul. We’ll strive to be your partner and trusted advisor for as long as you need technology outsourcing solutions.

Bring your strategy and vision to fruition. Prepare your technology software for tomorrow today with delaPlex.

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Our Services

Adaptable. Effective. Dedicated.

delaPlex offers a full range of services backed by a complete bench of the industry’s best talent intentionally retained with skillsets to meet your immediate needs. Whether you need a specific service or a fully dedicated team to manage all your IT needs, we work with you to provide the best mix of skillsets to deliver amazing results.

Case Studies

Solving problems together. Case by case.

Each project is based on the delaPlex Agile Business Framework to deliver the best possible results and value for each client. Learn how the delaPlex broad bench of skillsets solves problems and overcomes challenges throughout multiple industries.

Powerful Technology Solutions

Highly Skilled. Flexible. Results Driven.

delaPlex taps into the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, IoT, Social and Cloud technologies to develop custom software applications and products for a broad range of industries, including Energy, Media, Retail, Software & Technology, Transportation, Healthcare and Financial Services.

World class customer service

The delaPlex core business methodology is the foundation creating a true partnership which reflects our industry reputation of providing world-class client service. Our proprietary Agile Business Framework is a unique team of industry experts that are an extension of your company – not a contractor. That’s what makes us different. As your projects grow and evolve, so does your delaPlex team. You have flexibility as well as confidence in knowing your core team is there with knowledge to have your back. We are with you every step of the way.

Your delaPlex team is customized to focus on your business goals and objectives, to maximize production, and deliver an innovative, high quality product. We collaborate with you to create this team structure in the very first meeting to set your goals and benchmarks.

delaPlex clients have given us a 98% satisfaction rate and 90% continue to use delaPlex today. At delaPlex, you are our #1 priority.