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CS-FEATURE_Clearview - Optimized Food Service Management Software and Operations

Optimized Food Service Management Software and Operations


delaPlex worked with Clearview to enhance their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology in order to develop an all-encompassing restaurant management software suite. As a trailblazer in restaurant management software, Clearview provides a fusion of retail technologies and hospitality software solutions to industry giants like McDonald’s, A&W, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, and Wendy’s.   


The collaborative solution allows restaurants to easily innovate and resolve challenges around two key parameters – Engagement and Experience. From food orders and delivery to inventory management and financial tracking, the solution streamlines all facets of the restaurant environment and greatly enhances the customer experience.   

Client Needs

Faced with the dynamic and changing demands of the quick-service food industry, Clearview sought a holistic technology solution, i.e. cloud transformation (Hybrid Cloud):   

Project Challenges

One challenge was navigating the intricacies of the 20-year-old legacy system, combined with the complexity of over 200 functional screens in the application. It required a thoughtful approach to seamlessly integrate tech solutions like point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment gateways, and kitchen display systems. Another challenge was the steep learning curve due to the vast application landscape.  

The delaPlex Solution

Working closely with Clearview, our technical experts provided meaningful enhancements to their software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology. The outcome resulted in a highly flexible and scalable software solution that provides strategic business insights for multi-unit operators and franchisors.


The team created a hybrid cloud solution using Azure Public Cloud Services and Private Cloud Services, which improved the efficiency and responsiveness of Clearview’s software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology. Further, the team future-proofed the software by implementing strategic upgrades, including API integration, supplier onboarding, system upgrades, feasibility testing, and more.  

“They were with us from the very beginning and remain with us to help with ancillary support. delaPlex has been a true partner.”

How We Did It

The collaborative team employed AZURE Cloud Services such as API integration and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes. API integration enabled effortless communication with external systems, enhancing adaptability to industry demands. The adoption of CI/CD processes, powered by tools, such as Jenkins and Octopus, automated development workflows for swift and reliable software updates.  

The final deployment included robust data validation and synchronization, encompassing the following:

delaPlex worked with Clearview to determine the technologies used in the process, including:   

Programming Languages: 

Database Management: 

Server-Side Framework: 

API Integration: 

Cloud Services: 

Data Analytics and Reporting:

Security Measures:

Agile Development Tools:

Version Control:

Testing Frameworks: 


About The Client

Clearview is a global leader in restaurant management software with a legacy of over two decades. Trusted by industry giants such as Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Popeyes, A&W, Wendy’s, and Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken, their all-in-one software solution continues to redefine efficiencies for restaurants and franchises globally. Exclusively designed for the quick-service food sector, the Solution finds its home in more than 10,000 restaurants across the globe, optimizing and automating crucial processes. With Clearview, businesses can confidently thrive with all their focus on growth and customer satisfaction.   

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“The delaPlex team provided the expertise we needed to create a highly flexible and scalable solution that has greatly benefited our customers.”



Learn how a collaborative team created a highly flexible solution that optimized food service management software and streamlined operations.


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