Who We Serve

Our business is to provide a competitive edge for your business.

Whether you use software to help drive business, or software actually is your business, delaPlex can help you develop quality software that also improves your bottom line.

delaPlex Industries Served

We build all kinds of software. We pride ourselves on being a valuable partner for whatever industry our clients serve. Since 2008, delaPlex has built a trusted reputation in providing dependable resources and quality services. We provide steady innovation for “software-centric” companies that depend on continuous software development to drive revenue and growth.

delaPlex has product engineering expertise in developing commercial software product technology; cloud-based, enterprise software to drive revenue and improve operations; and branded mobile software to help companies distinguish themselves in their marketplace.

We optimize development lifecycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology and industry expertise. We are a seamless back-end technology partner providing transparent communication and scalability, keeping deliverables on time and within budget.

Clients include firms across an array of industries including healthcare, media/publishing, entertainment, manufacturing, energy and software. They have all come to recognize that delaPlex offers the technical expertise and product experience they need to better compete.


Software Industry

Software and Technology


We started as a software vendor ourselves, developing broadcast video servers, media asset management databases, and collaborative media production and deployment systems. It’s because we started as our own client that we pioneered skills and gained insight on how to vastly improve the offshore software development experience.

  • Full life-cycle development of products from design through testing and maintenance
  • Conversion of legacy products to the latest cloud and mobile platforms
  • Refactoring or improving the design of an existing code base
  • Extending mobile front ends to existing product suites

We have a rich 25-year history of building commercial products, which has given us the insight and experience to deliver innovative features that are designed for rapid evolution and built for an entire market.

delaPlex Technical Expertise


Healthcare Industry



delaPlex helps healthcare software and service providers to design, build and maintain a variety of hospital, physician, and clinical products.

We understand your software must be able to handle an array of customers, analyze large amounts of data, accommodate the strict security regulations of HIPPA, and take advantage of the newest technologies.

  • Automation of Pharmaceutical market analysis, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and accounting
  • Outpatient hospital management systems
  • CRM-solutions
  • Medical image processing
  • Electronic Medical records software

For example, we developed a healthcare data analytics system dedicated to improving health outcomes. Using data gathered from clinical encounters, our client enables and facilitates highly sophisticated research.

CASE STUDY – Patient Healthcare Management SaaS


Hospitality Industry



delaPlex is helping to transform and automate hospitality operations to allow hotel companies better target strategic outcomes, achieve greater agility and drive growth.

The hospitality industry is fast evolving to meet new customer demands.

  • Hospitality software architecture solutions with 3rd party API integrations.
  • Comprehensive software solutions across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms
  • Restaurant, hotel, casino, amusement park, and timeshare management applications.

delaPlex supports a particular client with multiple cloud-based SaaS platforms for the event industry and leisure hospitality space which serves over 30,000 clients in 143 countries with enterprise spend levels in excess of $1 billion USD.



Telecom Industry



delaPlex helps build enterprise application software designed for communications service providers to collect consumption data, calculate charging and billing information, produce bills to customers, process their payments and manage debt collection.

We realize that the billing system is the backbone of any telecom operator. If an operator does not have a strong billing system, then it would not be possible for them to compete in today’s dynamic market.

delaPlex helped launched a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) client from scratch in 90 days!

  • Customized and integrated an API to mobile network operator (MNO)
  • Created a shopping portal and HelpDesk software interface.
  • Developed self-service portal using .NET MVC 5.0 Framework.
  • Deployed hosted website in AWS environment (Amazon Web Services).
  • Designed secure VPN architecture.
  • Customized responsive marketing web site for WordPress.
  • Implemented social media logins.

CASE STUDY – MVNO Startup Using Outsourced Development


FinTech Industry

Financial Services


The financial services software industry is highly specialized. More than ever, the industry faces many challenges in a complex, volatile and regulated market which calls for innovative strategies based on technology.

delaPlex has extensive experience in the financial services industry updating existing systems, developing specialized applications, incorporating new platforms and mobile technologies, helping clients to cut software development costs and to expand their potential to match business opportunities.

delaPlex helps develop automatic data mining APIs and graphical charting software for service providers of the financial industry that reduce fiduciary exposure and improve plan sponsor and participant retirement outcomes.

Financial technical services or FinTech is currently the second-biggest target for disruption, after health care. One delaPlex client is serving multiple Fortune 500 companies, and have developed a suite of products for fiduciary risk management solutions for service providers to the retirement industry.



Media Industry

New Media Marketing


delaPlex has been a successful player in the field of new media marketing technology, which utilizes social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies combined (SMAC) to drive business innovation. This new concept creates an ecosystem that allows a business to improve operations and get closer to the customer.

The proliferation of data created by mobile devices, sensors, social media, loyalty card programs and website browsing is creating new business models built upon customer-generated data. The synergy created by social, mobile, analytics and cloud working together creates a competitive advantage.

  • Social media provides businesses new ways to reach and interact with customers
  • Mobile technologies have changed the way people communicate, shop and work.
  • Analytics allow businesses to understand how, when and where people consume certain goods
  • Cloud computing and services provide a new way to access technology and the data a business needs to quickly respond to changing markets and solve business problems.

While each of the four technologies can impact a business individually, their convergence is proving to be a disruptive force that is creating entirely new business models.

For the end-user, the experience should be frictionless and completely automatic. Our clients need to engage, entertain, and inform their users by knowing who they are, where they are, and exactly what they want. delaPlex is a innovative technology partner in helping our clients make the jump to digital offerings that connect with a 21st century customer.



Retail Industry



To increase revenue, improve customer convenience, and keep customer loyalty, retail companies need to look for new approaches to doing business. The information technology industry allows them to find easy solutions to complex issues.

delaPlex helps retailers to streamline their e-commerce business. We develop and implement e-commerce solutions, order distribution systems, customer data management solutions as well as mobile applications, data storage systems, etc. delaPlex has delivered a number of e-Commerce solutions of various complexity to help retail companies increase their sales, and promote products and services on the Internet.

  • e-Commerce and e-Marketplace solutions
  • Customer data management solutions
  • Orders distribution systems
  • Content and document management systems



Energy Industry



In the energy industry, organizations are faced with changing economic landscapes, fluctuating natural gas and oil prices, government regulations and more. Deregulation, volatile markets and consumer demand are increasing competition and driving new business opportunities in all areas of the industry including oil and gas, electricity, utilities, and energy trading.

delaPlex provides services that address the strategic, financial, and regulatory needs of the energy industry:

  • Portal solutions for commodities trading risk management, document management and B2B and B2C information sharing
  • User experience testing for optimal usability of Internet and other applications
  • Application integration to best utilize existing services and technologies
  • Business intelligence for informed decision making
  • Enterprise resource planning and corporate performance



Education Industry



Businesses and educational institutions today need to strike a tricky balance between meeting end-user’s needs, adapting to new delivery models, and managing costs. Many are increasingly turning to technology to help strike the right balance. Key trends in education and training application development include:

  • Mobile device and web self-service growth
  • Competition from new and disruptive education models
  • New forms of content delivery
  • Predictive technologies

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.

delaPlex has extensive experience in helping prominent companies build advanced e-learning systems utilizing various technology stacks, including Moodle, Magento, and Paypal. Our partners benefit from delaPlex’ domain knowledge and ability to manage automated test systems and deploy code in the cloud.



Transportation Industry



Companies today are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. delaPlex helps companies develop integrated software solutions that aggregate disparate data from multiple 3rd party sources to provide critical up-to-the-minute information.

delaPlex has expertise in development and implementation of transport and logistics custom software solutions, including:

  • Procurement management systems
  • Customer product distribution data storage systems
  • Transportation orders placement management system
  • Shipping orders distribution management software