Our Toolbox of Technology

Perfected skills we use to deliver great solutions.

A wide spectrum of technical expertise.

delaPlex team members run the gamut of experience, and because we have many developers working under one roof, there’s always an expert on any given technology. In fact, we believe there is very little within the application services sector that is beyond our software programming expertise. Our company experience spans the entire software technology spectrum. delaPlex offers a scalable approach to a comprehensive range of developmental services, where you always own the source code – your Intellectual Property (IP).


A team of technology experts at your service.

delaPlex is your seamless development partner with vast knowledge and proven expertise to help navigate the complex software technology world. Based on your specific business objectives, we define a dedicated team that is well versed in designing, developing, and implementing a variety of technological solutions. Whether you need a complete software solution or just looking to augment your in-house team with skilled developers, delaPlex has quality resources to take your software to the next level.

When you need to pivot – we quickly adapt.

Your core Team Members are designed to meet your current technology needs. However, skills are easily added, expanded, swapped, or removed as required to deliver you the flexibility you need to meet your goals under budget. With more than 200 developers working together in our Nagpur, India, campus, delaPlex can offer a broad range of development services to suit just about any operation. Because of India’s heavy investment in information technology, the talent coming out of the university in Nagpur, and our CEO’s personal connection to the town, we have a deep pool of talented developers – and there’s very little they can’t do.

No overtime, materials fees, or surprises.

Unlike others who offer project-based services, we don’t charge for overtime or time and materials. Instead you pay a flat fee every month to know you’re getting a team of dedicated employees that will work at least 40 hours for you each week.

A better way to hire developers.

Simply put, delaPlex offers Software Development as a Service™. Another way to think about it is that we offer “retained custom software developers” or “virtual employees.” You can trust us to be your reliable software development partner.

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