How We Work

Honesty. Trust. Passion.

Creating great products and solutions that stand out from the rest requires a foundation of honest collaboration, trusting relationships, and a passion to go the extra mile.

At delaPlex, we have embodied this foundation. It is engrained in our culture. We built our business methodology and “way of doing business” on this foundation. That is why our clients rave about our ability to help them design, build and maintain business changing products and solutions.

The delaPlex Agile Business Framework™

The delaPlex Agile Business Framework is an innovative business methodology that ensures constant communication and collaboration between stakeholders and providers, while adapting resources and technology as business needs change.

The delaPlex Difference

Your software built better, tested smarter, and released faster.

Three key components make this methodology a highly competitive advantage in developing custom software.

The delaPlex Core Team™ is a resource strategy designed to preserve valuable client knowledge by retaining a small dedicated team at all times, even during times of contraction. When your development demands increase again, your Core Team stands ready to accelerate the learning curve for any new team members who are added. This powerful collaboration strategy helps ramp up production at a much faster pace.


The delaPlex Tech Bench™ is a “larger-than-most” bench of top talent with a wide range of skills that helps us stay ready to pivot with your ongoing business needs. We can quickly scale your team up or down in size, or transform its skillset makeup at a moment’s notice. You’ll also have access to technical consultants who act as your in-house advisors. The delaPlex Tech Bench provides a unique value proposition for providing highly productive, uninterrupted service.

The delaPlex Resource Alliance™ is global talent network that spans geographical and cultural boundaries. This fosters an efficient and agile collaborative culture. Because trust and good communication are the foundation of any successful project, we employ onshore project managers, vigilant communication protocols, and the latest collaboration tools. This helps our talented peers work together across borders to produce the quality results and world-class service you require.




Our software development methodologies

We understand that in today’s fast paced environment, skillsets must be interchangeable on the fly, and not after conducting an exhaustive talent search. Our dedicated project managers continually analyze your project’s evolving needs in order to provide timely advice, especially when changing direction. That’s why we are intentionally nimble— to provide you faster delivery and advanced, exceptional results.

What works best for you?

delaPlex understands no two projects are exactly alike. That is why we work with the development methodology you choose. If you need help selecting a development methodology, we can help evaluate and determine the best possible solution that fits your specific needs. We have proven experience with all major development methodologies, including the following:

delaPlex Agile Development Method

delaPlex Iterative Waterfall Development Method


delaPlex Waterfall Development Method

delaPlex Lean Software Development Method

The delaPlex Team Structure

delaPlex builds your team from a bench of industry experts based on your specific needs. We have the ability to provide specific skillset strengths as you need them throughout your project lifecycle.