What We Do For You

Provide resources to build, test, rescue, deploy, and maintain code.

delaPlex Service InfinityThe delaPlex Service Infinity™

delaPlex provides end-to-end service options designed to operate together seamlessly or standalone as needed to improve your operations and accommodate your company goals.

  • Your Dedicated Team of Technology Experts
  • Seamless Service Options and Interchangeable Skillsets
  • Better Quality Software with Faster Time-to-Market


delaPlex TEAM Services

Dedicated Development Resources

Enable or enhance your business with our top-quality technical resources delivered exactly as per your requirements and business objectives with the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement.

With the dP TEAM service model, our resources becomes an extension of your in-house team. Team members are carefully selected based on the requirements and expertise you need. The dP Team works only for you and under the same rules and guidelines as would your in-house team. This onshore/offshore effort results in a highly effective, blended team of developers that is always suited for your ongoing development needs.

  • Augment and optimize your in-house developer team.
  • Scale your dedicated dP Team members as needed.
  • Tailor developer skillsets to meet your changing requirements.
  • Communicate easily with your team via phone, video calls, Skype and more.
  • Co-locate dP Team members on-site for short- or long-term needs.

We can be your dedicated development partner. If you already have a great staff, we help you become even better. Increase velocity. Reduce the risk of failure. If you have the need to expand temporarily, we can bridge the gap. Get high quality code out the door while you continue hiring.

With an extended engineering team, you get the luxury of retaining valuable team members with hard-to-find skillsets in the latest technologies who are constantly going to work on all your various software initiatives and continuously delivering valuable results to your organization.

delaPlex Development Services

Software Development Services

delaPlex is your one stop service provider that supports you at every stage of your product evolution – from a mere idea to product support and maintenance. And, we are there to help you make strategic decisions along the way.

Our services focus on one thing – your needs. Whether they’re for mobile, cloud, e-Commerce, web or desktop; we can develop, maintain and support your software, and even modernize legacy technology when required. We have incredible flexibility to provide onshore, offshore, onsite, or any blended combination of service.

  • Software Product Development
    • Web Applications
      delaPlex can help you with all your web application needs, be it to redesign an existing website or to develop a multi-tiered web application from scratch. Our developers are proficient in all technologies needed to develop robust, scalable and beautifully designed applications or websites. We’ve been building successful web applications for a variety of industries for many years now.
    • Mobile Platform
      delaPlex is skilled in writing software specific for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. We have a deep knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of each mobile platform and build mobile applications that are innovative, robust, and designed to maximize the device potential.
    • Cloud/Enterprise
      delaPlex is proficient at enterprise cloud software development, cloud-based innovation, and product development in the cloud and SaaS space. Our experience includes Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Amazon, as well as custom cloud implementations.
    • Internet Of Things
      The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of interconnected physical objects that collect, store and exchange data over the Internet infrastructure. delaPlex is proud to be at the forefront of this new technological frontier where almost 50 billion physical objects are expected to be interconnected by 2020.
    • eCommerce/Shopping Carts
      delaPlex creates sites based on the needs of your business, guided by customer behavioral and sales data. Intuitive navigation and a fast ordering process will push your conversions up. Sell more and increase your traffic by making your products or services available to the global market.
  • Technology Consulting
    delaPlex technology expertise and automation strategy knowledge empower us to provide customers with the first-class consulting services, which ensure improved business efficiency, increased cost-effectiveness and risks mitigation.
  • MVP Design and Development
    Business analysis and software prototyping are offered for refining functionality, detecting potential issues and setting right priorities.

delaPlex SMAC Services

Social, Mobile, Analytics, & Cloud (SMAC) Technologies

In a world driven by technology, the transformation of business based on a digital model has begun. delaPlex helps you take advantage of integrating advanced technologies to create digital products that add new value to your business, bringing you fresh opportunities for revenue and growth.

SMAC is a complete ecosystem that allows you to find useful data, analyze it, evaluate it, manage it, share it and derive insights based on it, including reporting and commenting on it.

  • Social Networking
    Explore your business to the world’s biggest community and networks. Use our extremely powerful techniques to empower your business to tap into this trend as a business opportunity. For gaining exposure to larger audiences get start with social networking. Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur or a corporate, your social reputation plays an important role in influencing your niche. You are able to connect to the end-users, collect real-time and mostly genuine feedback, as well manage your brand reputation through social media.
  • Mobile Application Development
    delaPlex will help you win in the mobile world. Keeping up with the speed of mobile is a new challenge for all businesses. delaPlex has extensive experience developing custom, cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. delaPlex delivers mobile strategy, user experience, app development, and back-end integration.
  • Analytics
    Analytics help in allowing businesses to make the most informed decisions for their future. Proper insight from Big Data will drives significant enhancements to both new product development as well as ensure that product changes and updates are based on actual customer feedback. delaPlex has the experience to help meet the challenges of storing, processing, and interpreting your data, needed to drive business growth.
  • Cloud Development
    By implementing cloud strategies, businesses are more competitive, more responsive, and more scalable. Cloud computing development allows you to concentrate on your core business, rather than managing your on-site infrastructure, and reduces costs. delaPlex has proven experience to help you host, maintain, and develop your applications optimized for the cloud.

delaPlex QA Services

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance allows for better control of the quality of the application, makes the evaluation of the product’s compliance with the original requirements easy and fast and provides an insight to the product’s convenience for end-users.

Professionally testing your applications will catch errors, security flaws and end-user issues that a simple once-over will probably miss. Highlight compatibility strengths and weaknesses, speed and quality. Our well experienced testing team with latest tools and technologies will make sure your product perform well and secured. We have teams for manual testing as well as fully automated testing.

We combine our vertical domain knowledge, solution expertise and technical skills to help you deliver complex applications faster, with quality and predictability, while reducing project costs. The team of QA professionals at delaPlex is trained in the latest testing methodologies and tools to offer the following services:

  • Software Testing
    Web, desktop, mobile applications or server-side systems – we create a comprehensive testing mix for each application to ensure consistent high quality that includes:

    • Functional Testing
      Tests specific features or functionality of the software product.
    • Performance Testing
      Non-functional testing processes to determine software responsiveness and stability under various workloads. Measures the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.
    • Usability & Compatibility Testing
      Testing used to ensure compatibility of an application/website with various other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users, etc.
  • Test Automation
    Custom test development plus out of the box test automation solution selection to create the optimum combination based on goals, technologies and infrastructure.
  • Continuous-Testing
    Executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline or devOps to obtain immediate feedback on potential problems associated with a software release candidate.
  • Test Case Development
    User requirements and software design documents transformed into a detailed set of test cases with expected results.
  • General Documentation
    Various types of clearly structured documents for various target audiences.
  • QA Consulting
    Documented analysis of your project along with fact-and-experience oriented recommendations.

delaPlex RESCUE Services

Clearer, Cleaner, & Simpler Code

Application re-engineering is sometimes needed to rejuvenate older or poorly performing software to better serve new business objectives. Legacy software typically uses dated technologies with inherent design limitations, and may not meet your current performance expectations.

Re-engineering with delaPlex can be simpler and more cost-effective than a new software project. A working product provides a blueprint for the fundamental requirements and specifications. In some cases, the existing code can even be quickly ported, in some cases.

Create a new, innovative experience for customers without losing the benefits they expect from your current features.

  • Code Conversion – converting legacy code to an updated technology.
  • Reverse Engineering – leveraging an existing system to formulate a better replacement system.
  • Refactoring – restructuring and reorganizing a code base for improved usability and performance.
  • Logic Simplification – updating code logic to be more efficient and simplified for performance

delaPlex gives your aging or failing products new life by refactoring it with the latest digital technologies to appeal to your leading-edge customers.

We first thoroughly analyze your product to understand the current functionality, and then study your new requirements to guide you towards the best technology that ensures your revitalized product will be a success.

We help design the new architecture to utilize cutting-edge social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies while preserving the core business logic and original features and functionalities that made it a success.

delaPlex DevOps Services

Continuous Release and Deployment

delaPlex offers the ability to unify development and operations into a single rapid deployment entity with automation. We drive collaboration and cross-functionality of separate teams, which allows innovation to flourish and your business to do more in less time.

Just as Agile is essential to rapid development, an effective DevOps practice is critical to moving quality software quickly into production. An automated, end-to-end delivery processes facilitates:

  • Continuous Release and Deployment
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Feedback and Optimization

Getting Started

delaPlex will provide you a detailed understanding of how a DevOps automation suite would benefit your product, analyzing your software, your development team, and your operations team and practices. From there, we advise you on how to best implement a DevOps practice to dramatically improve future releases of your products, making the handoff between your development and operations teams a seamless one.

With our expertise, we will help you select and implement the right DevOps tools that will enable the automated provisioning, building, deployment, and monitoring of development, test, and production environments. We help you set up an effective DevOps practice to accelerate, improve, and transform the way you deploy quality software to your market.

DevOps ROI

delaPlex helps software firms automate their test scripts to speed new product releases into production and eliminate deployment bottlenecks.

  • Enable fast, efficient, and reliable software delivery through to production and facilitate release planning predictability, and success.
  • Reduce waste and rework and shift resources to higher-value activities with efficient and automated mechanisms.
  • Continuously obtain customer feedback, adapt to changes in an agile manner and ultimately enhance experience and loyalty.

DevOps in the Cloud

We provide seamless end-to-end delivery pipeline across every cloud platform with our expertise in automating IT infrastructure on cloud. Cloud-based automation solutions supported by delaPlex:

  • Amazon (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace