Supply Chain Consulting

Shape. Manage. Overcome.

delaPlex has Supply Chain experts around the globe to assist you with overcoming challenges to digitally transform your business.

Our supply chain consulting experts bring valuable knowledge and perspective to help your team achieve exceptional results.

delaPlex Supply Chain Consulting Services

We understand that the variety of available solutions and configurations can be dazzling. With delaPlex’s collaborative approach, you don’t have to go it alone. 

Our supply chain consulting team is always available to help you sift through the available options, choose the best ones for your needs, and design an implementation to go with those choices. 

We also aren’t afraid to say “no” if we see you heading down the wrong path. Let’s do this together! 

Throughout the project lifecycle, delaPlex provides a full range of knowledge and skillsets necessary to rapidly move your project through each stage with quality results and confidence.

Consulting Services

Business Analysis | Workforce Management | Systems Assessment
Digital Strategy | Shipping | Order Processing | Lean Inventory
Warehouse Management |Freight Handling |Supplier Management
Demand Forecasting |Analytics and Reports | Collaboration Portals
Transportation and Logistics